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Accessibility Examples
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This page presents various accessibility examples of our product. Features with special attention to vision, hearing, physical function, and recognition are indicated by the following icons:




Indicated with this icon are features with special attention to users under various visual conditions, including myopia, hyperopia, color amblyopia, amblyopia, and blindness.



Indicated with this icon are features with special attention to users with hearing difficulty or hearing loss.

Physical Function

Physical Function

Indicated with this icon are features with special attention to users of different body sizes, users with upper or lower limb disorders, and users with muscle weakness.



Indicated with this icon are features with special attention to users who are not familiar with the operation of devices or users who have difficulty in multiple operations or literacy.

Our product does not provide accessibility to all people. Only the features with special attention to the users explained above, are indicated by these icons. We will continue to make improvements to serve the convenience of more users.

Click Usability and Accessibility Guide for more accessibility examples (The Guide will be upload later).

  • ALWAYS FROM YOUR POINT OF VIEW Design conceptUser-Centered Design
    We wish to contribute to the business of customers by offering user-friendly document devices and services to as many people as possible.We develop products based on the user-centered design process in order to deeply understand each customer and offer better products and services.

    This process consists of survey, planning, design, and evaluation. The repetition of this process allows us to identify challenges, including slight dissatisfaction that customers feel and concerns that customers have not noticed yet. This is a product development approach that implements improvements from various perspectives.

    Through this activity, we promote the development of products that meet the needs of more customers.

    Design Concept 2

  • Survey
    Information about the usage and use problems of document devices is collected from sales and market support sites, call centers, and customer surveys, and is analyzed to identify and prioritize challenges to be solved.
  • Planning
    Planners, designers, and engineers discuss the challenges identified through surveys, to find the ideal products and their implementation methods. Experts in various fields engage in discussions depending on the theme of the challenge.
  • Design
    To commercialize the planned products, development team members, including designers and engineers, work together on product design. Furthermore, the designed products are reviewed based on user friendliness guidelines and check lists to bring them to perfection.
  • Evaluation
    Simulation and product evaluation are carried out to verify if targets are achieved and new challenges are not caused. Customers and in-house monitors also participate in this verification. If there are problems, the product goes through the previous steps for reexamination.development concept
  • Large Touch ScreenLarge Touch Screen

    eye human mindFonts and icons are displayed in large size on the large full-color touch screen. Furthermore, the finished quality and image of scanned document data and the image of saved print data can be previewed. Checking before printing ensures accurate operation.


  • Intuitive & Tablet-like OperabilitySmall EyeUsers can flick on the home screen, pinch on the preview screen, and display the soft key numeric keypad when necessary, just like when intuitively operating a smartphone or tablet device.Intuitive Tablet like Operability


  • Tiltable Operation PanelTiltable Operation Paneleye humanThe operation panel is adjustable to an easily viewable angle. Users in wheelchairs and short-statured users can operate it at an optimal angle. This feature can reduce the glare of fluorescent light in the installation environment.

Mobile Accessibility

  • Mobile Accessibilityeye humanUsers can use smartphone or tablet device to control the MFP. Remote operation and without using the operation panel of the MFP can offer greater control flexibility.
  • Easy-to-Read Operation PanelEasy-to-Read Operation PanelSmall EyeThe operation panel has a high contrast between the black background and the white letters in order to highlight letters. Furthermore, the heights of the letters for the main function keys are designed to be at least 4.8 mm.


  • Embossed MarksEmbossed MarksSmall EyeThe Start key, the Stop key, and the “5″ key on the numeric keypad have an embossed dot or bar mark to allow tactile recognition.
  • Wide Visibility Operation PanelWide Visibility Operation PanelSmall HumanThe operation panel is placed in a position easily viewable and usable for users in wheelchairs and short-statured users.

    *TASKalfa 6052ci / 5052ci / 4052ci / 3252ci / 2552ci / 6002i / 5002i / 4002i


  • Automatic Reset Time Change
    human mind

    Users can change the automatic reset time and deactivate the automatic reset function. These features help users to operate the MFP slowly.Automatic Reset Time Change

  • Smooth SlidingSmooth Sliding Small HumanUsers can open and close the paper drawer with just a slight force. Furthermore, the semi-auto-closing paper drawer does not need to be pushed to the end. The paper guide can be adjusted with a slight force by one hand.
  • Easy-Grip Handle Easy-Grip HandleSmall HumanA grip handle is adopted for the paper drawer for easy handling with either an overhand grip or underhand grip. Users can carry out paper replacement from a posture that allows easy operation.
  • Toner LockingToner Locking Systemsmall mindWhen a toner becomes empty, only the toner container cover automatically opens. This allows accurate and easy replacement of the toner container.
  • Color Name CodeColor Name Code IndicationSmall EyeTo distinguish toner colors, the color codes are attached to each container, carton and insertion slot.
  • Distinguishable Color ArrangementDistinguishable Color ArrangementSmall EyeNot only the operation panel, but also the other operation areas, the labels, etc. are color-coded so that the user can easily distinguish these from the surrounding areas.
  • LED for Device StatusLED for Device StatusEye EarAn LED notification lamp is equipped with a MFP that allows the user to visually check the operating conditions away from the MFP. This lamp helps users with hearing difficulties to recognize the “paper empty” and other problems. In addition, the color of the LED lamp is designed in consideration of different color visions.