5 Advantages of Using KYOCERA Original Toner & How To Check KYOCERA genuine toner

KYOCERA Original Toner & How To Check

Optimize Performance with KYOCERA Device

High Printing Quality

• Thanks to high quality raw material, ultra-fine and accurate-shaped toner particles, KYOCERA original toner delivers clear and sharp text and image.

• To save cost, non-original toner is often made of inferior raw materials. These large or poorly-shaped toner particles cause common problems like faded printouts, ghosting, streaks or blotches of image. The print quality cannot be assured.

Cost-Saving Targets

• KYOCERA original toner keeps your business running at lowest TCO.

  • KYOCERA’s long-life OPC drum is designed to handle minimum 100,000 impressions without replacement.
  • Only toner is to be replaced when the cartridge runs out. Original KYOCERA toner ensures the drum unit would perform the best so as KYOCERA device.
  • Only original KYOCERA toner delivers 100% uptime.
  • RFID chip on original toner provides usage record and allows toner management. It guarantees printing quality and delivers the guaranteed numbers of prints.

 toner comparison

• Using non-original toner causes time and money waste.

  • Reprint of document wastes toner, paper and time.
  • Toner related downtime reduces productivity.
  • Devices cannot detect non-original toner level. Continuous printing when toner is empty damages the imaging unit and other imaging components. Customers need to be charged on maintenance or parts replacement.

Improve Productivity

• Original toner ensures toner yield (based on ISO/IEC standard), maximum device productivity and reliability.

• Non-original toner may reduce efficiency, even damage hardware and normally achieve less print volume.

  • Loosely close cartridge or refilled toner may cause toner leakage, dust adheres to device and affects normal operation.
  • Poorly made non-original toner may produce scraps, which left inside the equipment or developer unit, eventually make device unstable.
  • Less mobile and easily agglomerate non-original toner increases friction in drive assembly which may break gears. It may even damage the drive motor in extreme cases.

Environmentally Friendly

• KYOCERA original toner creates a safer working environment and gives the green printing solutions.

  • Deodorization technology effectively reduces odor during fixing (image processing) or parts charging.
  • Fulfill the requirement of RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), free of harmful substances such as

 Mercury; Cadmium; Lead; Nickel

 Chromium VI compounds

 Dyes that might release carcinogenic particles

• Toner leakage may occur with non-original toner or refilled toners. Noise may also occur when non-original toner damage drive assembly inside device, such as gears in imaging unit.

Excellent After-Sales Service

• KYOCERA honors comprehensive and reliable after-sales service of device by using original toner.

• Any technical defects or other technical problems to be caused by the use of non-original toner could invalidate the KYOCERA warranty. Services will be chargeable even during the warranty period.

KYOCERA Original Toner

How to identify non-original toners?

• KYOCERA logo is not printed on the packaging.

• KYOCERA logo is not moulded into the toner cassette.

• The toner cassette does not have a holographic “Genuine Toner Identification Label”.

• The toner cassette does not contain RFID chip.

• Abnormal low price.

• It is not provided by KYOCEAR Document Solutions nor an authorized KYOCERA dealer/ distributor.

KYOCERA Original TonerWhere to Buy KYOCERA Original Consumables

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