Print 150,000 pages without drum replacementPrint 150,000 pages without drum replacementPrint 150,000 pages without drum replacement

Equipped with a highly durable, long-life drum that is capable of printing up to 150,000 pages without replacement. Cost efficient design helps reduce corporate running costs by minimizing downtime during work.

150,000-page drum

The typical OPC drum with organic semiconductors comprises three layers, each with a discrete function, and has a service life of several thousands to several tens of thousands of pages. KYOCERA, however, has developed the PSLP drum with a single-layer structure to ensure stable long-term operation even as the surface gradually wears away during printing. This allows for printing of approx. 150,000 pages without parts replacement.

Long-life technology

This product employs long-life design on cost-efficient, environmentally friendly long-life technology, which has been cultivated through KYOCERA's development of printers and MFPs. The long-life technology reduces down time when replacing drum and other spare parts. It also helps to keep the high level of image quality for long time.

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