KYOCERA Obtains First “ISMS Cloud Security Certification” in the Document Device Industry, the Latest Requirement for Cloud Services based on ISO/IEC 27017


ISMS Cloud Security CertificationJapan, November 28, 2017 – KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. (President: Norihiko Ina), one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, has announced that it has obtained ISMS Cloud Security Certification, which is based on ISO/IEC 27017:2015, an international security standard for cloud services. This is the first such certification in the document device industry¹.

ISMS Cloud Security Certification is a third-party certification for cloud security, which is defined as an add-on specification to complement preparations against risks specific to cloud services. The prerequisite to this certification is to obtain ISO/IEC 27001 certification, requirements for a holistic information security management system (ISMS²) that protects important data from various threats and mitigates risks.

Nowadays, as cloud services are increasingly being used in a variety of industries, tighter security control and management is required in accordance with the latest international standards regarding data security and the handling of personal information. In certain sectors, when cloud services are introduced — particularly at medical and educational institutions, and at companies and public offices where important information is handled — compliance with security standards is necessary and thus the need for objective standards that certify the control system of each cloud service operator is growing.

KYOCERA is working to achieve comprehensive control of security for data created in customers’ document workflows. KYOCERA has obtained ISMS Cloud Security Certification ahead of other companies in the industry as part of its efforts to provide safe, secure and flexible cloud services to customers. The company will continue to enhance the quality of its document solution services, thereby contributing to the growth of its customers’ businesses.

¹First for a multifunctional product and printer maker (as of November 17, 2017)

²System that manages security-related risks to information assets in an organization.

Outline of ISMS Cloud Security Certification Registration

Entity KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.
Date November 17, 2017
Range ISO/IEC27001 (JIS Q 27001) Certificate Number: IS 676497The ISMS cloud security management system for provision of “KYOCERA Fleet Services”³ and “KYOCERA eAppsMaker4, development, operation and maintenance as a cloud service provider, and for the use of Microsoft Azure as a cloud service customer
No. CLOUD 676499
Examining organization BSI Group Japan K.K.

³KYOCERA Fleet Services: Service to provide remote control and maintenance of multifunctional products and printers. The remote maintenance service “ECOSYS NET” provided by KYOCERA Document Solutions Japan, the sales company in Japan, uses KYOCERA Fleet Services.

4KYOCERA eAppsMaker: This is a cloud portal service provided by KYOCERA Document Solutions which does not require special programming but establishes highly compatible workflow solutions.


KYOCERA Document Solutions has more than 50 years experience in copiers and MFP, and over 25 years in printers development and manufacturing. Since its establishment, KYOCERA Document Solutions commits to develop products to incorporate “Ecology” and “Economy” based on the philosophy of “Environmental Friendly Management”. KYOCERA Document Solutions also comments to offer reliable, safe and clean products and satisfactory services to demonstrate core “Customer First” principle and, at the same time, improves environment performance and strives to be the Global Reliable Enterprise.

From a long history with continuous developments KYOCERA document Solutions (Thailand) (herein “KDTH”) owns familiar slogan in Thai “ Don’t do small but only big “. For over 25 years, with determination to create products and services for serving consumers needs for various documents and printing services, our technology development especially cost saving concept has made our products and services to be in customers’ mind for long time. As our fully integrated services , the customer definition for KDTH is the most economy endurable copiers or printers especially designed to support documentary materials in offices.

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