KYOCERA Document Solutions Wins Technical Packaging Award in Japan Packaging Contest 2017


Japan, September 27, 2017 - KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that a new packaging material for protecting the paper feeder of its printers has won the Technical Packaging Award in the Japan Packaging Contest 2017. This contest is held every year under the sponsorship of the Japan Packaging Institute with the aim of promoting development and spread of high-quality packages and packaging techniques throughout the country. This is the twelfth award overall for KYOCERA.

KYOCERA received the award for “reduction of packaging size using high-performance molded pulp.” This is a material developed for the protection of products with external protrusions. Sections of the molded pulp can be folded for protection so that no extra packaging parts are required, resulting in a reduction of overall packaging size. Furthermore, production times and storage requirements are reduced due to the common design of the left and right molded pulps.


KYOCERA  won Technical Packaging Award

All packaging materials used in the shipment of products developed by KYOCERA are internally developed and designed, receiving a high reputation at home and abroad for its excellent technology. KYOCERA will further continue its efforts to reduce packaging materials and to be environmentally friendly.


KYOCERA Document Solutions has more than 50 years experience in copiers and MFP, and over 25 years in printers development and manufacturing. Since its establishment, KYOCERA Document Solutions commits to develop products to incorporate “Ecology” and “Economy” based on the philosophy of “Environmental Friendly Management”. KYOCERA Document Solutions also comments to offer reliable, safe and clean products and satisfactory services to demonstrate core “Customer First” principle and, at the same time, improves environment performance and strives to be the Global Reliable Enterprise.

From a long history with continuous developments KYOCERA document Solutions (Thailand) (herein “KDTH”) owns familiar slogan in Thai “ Don’t do small but only big “. For over 25 years, with determination to create products and services for serving consumers needs for various documents and printing services, our technology development especially cost saving concept has made our products and services to be in customers’ mind for long time. As our fully integrated services , the customer definition for KDTH is the most economy endurable copiers or printers especially designed to support documentary materials in offices.

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